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This page was last updated at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, May 21, 2020. 

Florida State University is open, operational and practicing social distancing.

Visit fsu.edu/coronavirus for details on FSU's coronavirus response.

If you have received an FSU Alert, refresh this page and scroll down for official emergency information and instructions.

Official Announcements

Temporary Restriction of On-Campus Operations Continues

(Updated 1:15 p.m. Monday, April 27, 2020)

Florida State University is open and operational. The Governor’s Safer-at-Home order remains in effect and on-campus operations continue to be restricted to essential functions only.

Effective May 1, 2020, employees who are unable to perform their work remotely and have exhausted Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Family and Medical Leave, if applicable, should begin using their personal leave (annual, sick or compensatory). If personal leave has been exhausted, employees should record leave without pay. In the event that the Governor lifts the current Safer-at-Home order, additional guidance will be issued at that time regarding what operations will be permitted to resume on campus.

The following instructions remain in place for other employees as follows:

  • On-campus essential employees should continue reporting to work as instructed by their supervisors.
  • All employees who are able to work remotely should continue to do so. Managers must ensure that employees who are working remotely have sufficient, meaningful work to perform. Managers should work with employees to supplement leave on timesheets if there is not sufficient work available to fulfill the normal work schedule. For guidance on assisting employees with remote work, please visit the Human Resources COVID-19 FAQs question “I’m not sure what remote work options are available to me. What should I do?”.

The University continues to monitor the dynamic COVID-19 situation. As new information becomes available, we are committed to keeping the campus community informed as quickly and accurately as possible. Thank you for your patience, dedication, and adaptability during this time.

For additional assistance, contact the Office of Human Resources.

Florida State University is open but restricting all on-campus operations to essential functions. On-campus essential personnel are practicing social distancing. 

(Updated 6:00 p.m. Monday, April 13, 2020)

Florida State University is restricting all on-campus operations to essential functions only until at least April 30, 2020. The restriction of on-campus operations means that only essential personnel are required on campus. However, University business operations will continue and faculty and staff who are working remotely should continue to work their normal hours. You are asked to continue to practice appropriate social distancing.

On-Campus Essential Employees

At this time, on-campus essential employees are defined as employees designated to report to the workplace while on-campus operations are restricted. Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, and Department Heads must designate which on-campus functions are essential and require an employee to be on-campus to perform critical on-campus University functions. On-campus essential personnel that may be required to work on campus include, but are not limited to:

  • those ensuring the safety and security of campus facilities and information technology; protection of University assets (e.g., health care services, police);
  • maintenance of research labs and utilities that cannot suspend operations;
  • those providing limited services to students who remain on-campus (e.g. housing, designated food services);
  • those required for continuity of services including maintenance/grounds/janitorial
  • those providing medical services;
  • those who are needed to process financial transactions and services;
  • those who provide support for information technology; and
  • those facilitating distance learning.

Leave for on-campus essential employees may be approved for employees that have a qualifying sick reason; are required to self-quarantine due to travel outside of the Tallahassee area and surrounding counties; or due to a recommendation by a health care provider. Please consult with your immediate supervisor prior to traveling outside of the Tallahassee area and surrounding counties. Some employees may be designated as on-campus essential employees but may not be needed for full-time work. Those employees must work the hours that are required and then will be provided Emergency Sick Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to supplement the additional hours. For example, an employee may only be required to report to campus to perform essential duties for 20 hours, and then will be provided 20 hours of FFCRA Emergency Sick Leave. Additionally, departments should consider alternative schedules for essential employees to promote social distancing.

Remote Work Employees

All employees who are not designated as on-campus essential employees will be required to work remotely, as long as their duties and responsibilities are conducive to such work. Although on-campus operations are restricted, remote work will continue. Employees are still required to submit a Temporary Remote Work Acknowledgement form. Please visit the Temporary Remote Work Guidelines webpage for additional resources and guidance.

The University’s restriction of on-campus operations will include significantly reducing the amount of facilities staff available to provide the usual cleaning and sanitation services in University Academic and Research buildings. As a result, we cannot guarantee that facilities will be maintained on a daily basis in a manner that meets with best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For these reasons, and for your own continued health and safety, the University must insist that all employees not designated as on-campus essential work remotely at all possible times. If there are additional measures you need in order accomplish remote work, please advise your department head or chair.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Employees whose job responsibilities do not support remote work and who are not considered to be on-campus essential employees, or are unable to work remotely due to childcare or other COVID-19 related reasons, will be granted up to 80 hours (prorated for part-time employees) of Emergency Sick Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Employees are required to submit the Emergency Paid Sick Leave form to initiate the paid leave. Once a salaried non-essential employee (Faculty, USPS, and A&P) has exhausted their 80-hour entitlement, they will qualify for paid administrative leave through April 30, 2020. If the University restricts on-campus operations beyond April 30, leave statuses will be reevaluated at that time.

How Should Departments Prepare?

Departments should prepare immediately for a shutdown of nonessential campus operations. Supervisors must work with employees who are able to work remotely to ensure they have access to all the equipment, files, resources, etc. that they need to perform their work from home. Most of this planning has already occurred, but access to buildings will be limited to those that are designated as essential. Supervisors must keep in mind social distancing when coordinating the pick-up of items that employees may need.

Departmental Mail and Packages

Departments should continue to process their mail to ensure the timely deposit of checks and processing of vendor invoices/payments. Campus mail will continue to be delivered to departmental mailrooms on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If a department would like to pick up mail at Postal Services (800 West Madison Street), please send an email to postal@fsu.edu with the full name of the departmental representative authorized to pick up mail for the department. This person must be prepared to show their current University issued identification (FSUCard). Packages received by Postal Services will be held for department pick up. If you are working remotely from home, you may ship ordered items to your home address with appropriate departmental approval and documentation. Click here for more information.


There is simply not enough that can be said to commend the campus community for the exceptional resiliency shown during these uncertain times. Faculty, staff, and students continue to overcome and adapt to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The dedication and commitment of our community is unrivaled. Thank you for your continued patience and perseverance.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the HR Coronavirus Task Force:

HR Coronavirus Task Force Contacts

General Questions Renisha Gibbs rgibbs@fsu.edu
General Staff Issues Tracey Pearson
Back-up contact: Julie Ritter
General Faculty Issues Rebecca Peterson
Back-up contact: Tiffany Ward
Payroll Questions Phaedra Harris pharris@fsu.edu
Attendance & Leave Questions Christine Conley caconley@fsu.edu
Communications Shelley Lopez s.lopez@fsu.edu

Help FSU prevent the spread of the coronavirus

(Posted 3:10 p.m. Friday, March 20, 2020)

Florida State University requests your cooperation and assistance in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Students: if you have left the Tallahassee-area for any period of time since March 12, do not return to the main campus for any reason until further notice. Residence halls are closed to visitors and to residents who have departed the Tallahassee area during spring break. Specific instructions for the retrieval of personal belongings from campus and residence hall move-out will be announced at a later date. Thank you for your cooperation and patience, and monitor your email for future instructions.

Employees: The university continues to strongly recommend that all students, staff and faculty refrain from personal domestic and international travel except for emergency purposes. Employees who have left the Tallahassee area, and visited any area with community transmission, must notify their immediate supervisor and not return to campus until cleared to do so. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

For additional detailed information on FSU's coronavirus response visit fsu.edu/coronavirus.

If you have received an FSU Alert notification, additional emergency information and instructions will be posted here as they become available. Refresh this page for updated information any time the operational status of Florida State University may be in question.

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